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Last but not least... LOL .... my fansite!
OK - the first version of my website was very static and "cold". I only wanted to show my collection of Simple Minds stuff. But sooner or later I got dissatisfied with it. I also did some experiments with CGI scripting. No problem for me, because I'm bachelor of computer sience. In addition to this I wanted to involve the visitors of my fansite into that project. So I developed some scripts, like a guestbook, a menu-structure, a voting-service and so on. So I was easily able to change some parameters and create an absolute new feature of my website. After buying a digital camera, the idea was born to create a web-design as a tribute to the song "book of brilliant things", which is one of my favorites. Also the topic was easily able to put into action.

I knew, that many of us were unsatisfied with the promotion of my favorite band. So I desided to start a compaign with the "Simple Minds Community Sticker". This project wasnt really very easy to organize, because you dont only have to design something - no - it's far more that this! For example, you have to ask for the copyrights, get pre-informations about the costs, doing calculations and caluculations again, get informations about the postal fees, do organize the payment handling and so on.... Lots of work to do. But ok! That's the way it is. But over all it was a great success!